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Natural environment:

Shanshang District occupies a total area of 27.878 square kilometers and is located slightly south of Tainan City center. The Zengwun River forms the northern border, separating Danei District from Shanshang. To the west lie Sinshih and Shanhua districts, while Zuojhen and Yujing districts lie to the east. Sinhua District lies to the south, with Shanshang District positioned at the gateway of major traffic routes going in and out of Xinhua. Mountainous regions make up about one-third of the total area of the district, with the remaining two-thirds being covered by plains. The plains are composed of seven villages (Li) of Nanjhou, Minghe, Shanshang, SinJhuang, Yufong, Fengde, and Pingyang, while the mountainous regions start from the Beiling Jianshan range to the west, and includes the settlements of Keketan, Jhongkeng, Niouchoupu, and Shizici. The regions of Shanshang, Nanzhou, Minghe, Beishijhou, and Sinjhuang (Dajhuang) villages collectively form a basin together with Datan. Topography is slightly higher at the east, with Beilingjian Mountain extending to the west to form a C-shaped basin.


Shanshang is often recognised as simply another name on the map or a mere landmark along the provincial, city, and county expressways. Even though Freeway No. 3 (the 2nd Highway) passes through the Shanshang area, most people would only have a fleeting impression of the place. Not many would think of visiting this area, let alone take residence. 


These sights include naturally formed mosaic of hills, plains, and villages and their productive farms growing specialty produce. One can delve into various villages to look at the rich collection of traditional houses and age-old trees, and comb through the wilderness to find native wild life such as antlions. Visitors may also head to the Tainan Shuidao (Tainan waterworks) and Shanshang Water Purification Plant for an educational tour on the area's ecological as well as cultural history. These facilities were constructed during the Japanese occupation to supply the Greater Tainan Region with water. Travelers may also visit Mingde Minimum Security Prison, constructed in this secluded paradise. Every element of Shanshang is filled with enchanting beauty. We hope that our charming landscape and villages will convince you to make Shanshang your next traveling destination.